SpaceX to build BFR factory in Southern California

Since the last couple of years, the space technology has been raised in a way no one expected. Well, if the attention is paid on the latest satellites deployed by China and Russia, we now have warrior satellites that can destroy others in the space. The rising need and demands of space trips have enabled the providers to come with some extra that they actually can.

This seems to be one of the primary reason why the space giant SpaceX is planning to build a new factory in Southern California. The idea is to come up directly with the massive BFR rockets, as well as the spaceships. It has officially been announced by the SpaceX, and the site for this factory would be around the port of Los Angeles. The Mayor of Los Angeles has also confirmed the same recently.

As per one of the spokesperson, this main aim of establishing this factory is to have the advancements in the space rockets and enable the scientists and astrologers to get access to the latest technology they never imaged before. The SpaceX has already reached the approval of their factory from the Board of Harbor Commissioners in Los Angeles.

The new rocket which they are planning to build here would be around 350 feet tall and will be having a diameter of about 9 meters. This information is per provided by the company officials recently. It will remain a right vehicle and would be a combination of two major pieces.

It will be powered by a methane raptor engine, and the engineers are designing it to provide a thrust of around 12 million pounds. It will also be provided the ability to return earth like all Falcon rockets of the SpaceX. This rocket would be able to carry heavy objects/satellites along with it quickly.

A lot of locations for the factory were examined by the SpaceX before finalizing the same at the Port of Los Angeles. As the BFR (Big Falcon Spaceship) would be a massive rocket, it wouldn’t be transported by trucks. The relation manager of the company announced it is because of this reason we have selected a location close to the port so that the rocket would easily be transported through seaways.

Presently the officials are preparing the Blue Print of the new factory. The SpaceX is sure to come with a rocket that will dwarf all the rockets currently engaged in space missions soon.


SpaceX to Build BFR Factory in Southern California