Will Blue Origin & NASA join hands?


Jeff Bezos has explicitly stated this “return to moon” mission. He is not following the footsteps of other masters in the space industry, but moving and growing at his own pace. His declaration of sending a lunar lander on the moon is evident for his keenness and faith in his vision. Billionaire Jeff, on the one hand, is the brain behind Amazon, on the contrary, his Blue Origin is a private company running space missions and research. Blue Origin is amongst the ten teams sharing funding of $10 million to search techniques so the resources on moon and mars can be utilized. This research aims at advancing resource utilization techniques (ISRU), so the ice in the lunar soil can be used to make drinkable water or breathable oxygen or some gas that can serve as the rocket fuel.

NextSTEP-D Program (Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships) has been set up by NASA where D stands for Appendix D. Three