Spacecraft of New Horizons rises for Planetary Encounters


The New Horizon spacecraft has encountered from an organized 165-day hibernation period, and on the New Year’s Day 2019, it would fly by Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) nicknamed Ultima Thule. Kuiper Belt is the undiscovered outer region of the solar system, which includes Pluto and some other rocky planets. A radio signal sent more than 40 times of the distance between the sun and the earth. This signal sent on Tuesday from the spacecraft has reached Earth 5 hours and 40 minutes later.

According to radio signals, New Horizons had executed on computer, commands on board in order to exit the hibernation reached mission operation at the laboratory of Physics in Laurel, Maryland, via NASA’s Deep Space Network. According to the Mission Principal, Alan Stern of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, “the team is planning for the upcoming flyby of Ultima Thule. The New Horizon has returned with the more active state to fly-by operations which will start