Saving Falcon 9

NASA has now become a household name for all those who seek to enjoy the best on Spacecraft and related topics. NASA has always been on the lookout to find out the next biggest thing to involve themselves in. currently, NASA currently heaped into orbit on Wednesday evening to from Cape Canaveral Air Force.

The fun of all spacecraft team begins the moment they reach into space. TESS is expected to use a series of intricate maneuvers to enter into an orbit that has never been used before and be the first people to strep their feet there. They were able to list as high as 232, 000 miles beyond the earth which is the highest level they have managed to get.

The success of any project brings pride not only to the team in charge but also to the company or companies supporting the same project. The success and launching of TESS became a world-changer for NASA and gave them a reason to celebrate. It always feels good to be right but going higher makes things much better. The satellite was lifted by Falcon nine which is strong enough to lift much more weight if need be.

Although Falcon 9’s lower stage have a likelihood of landing, SpaceX will probably not attempt to recover the missile’s upper stage on the mission at hand. This is mostly because this that particular part of the missile is not anticipated to get to Earth at any given time. This is however a prediction but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Musk passed an idea of recovering the upper stage of the rocket on number of tweets published recently. He claimed that his company is ready to bring Falcon 9’s upper stage which has been predicted not to reach Earth. He started his tweets by saying the idea might sound crazy but his team is ready to bring this stage from orbital velocity by use of a giant party balloon.

He further explained that his mission is slowing down the upper stage during its reentry to Earth and aim at a landing on board on a “catcher ship” just like the boat which is ideally known as Mr. Steven. SpaceX uses this boat to try fairing recoveries in the Pacific. Musk has enough faith in their company and he believes that given a chance they will be able to do much for Falcon 9.