NASA Spacecraft Makes Discovery about the Mystery of Magnetic Field


NASA’s spacecraft has made an interesting discovery; the spacecraft has helped scientist to uncover the mystery behind the Earth’s magnetic field. This mystery is one that has kept many scientists in laboratories with a solution. The discovery reveals the link between the two most important processes in the plasma universe; turbulence and magnetic reconnection.

NASA launched four spacecraft that focuses on finding the mystery behind magnetic reconnection.  The magnetic area around the earth is called the Magnetosphere. The four spacecraft deployed to the Magnetosphere fly so close to the area that they are able to observe events in the area more closely. 

These spacecraft called Magnetospheric Multiscale Spacecraft (MMS), are unlike others which were used in previous missions. These MMS are able to capture data faster but they cannot capture the process of turbulence reconnection. The MMS cannot capture this process because the process happens too fast and that beats the speed of the MMS.

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