Namibian Vehicles Platform is Launching Experimental Interactive Service Involving Facebook Groups

In modern challenging environment with high competition, any car dealership is constantly looking for more advertising opportunities, and Facebook seems to be attractive enough for another try in a new way.

One of the marketing opportunities for car dealers are thematic public groups, where a dealership may post on behalf of a company or private individual at least couple of posts a day, which is still not enough. But considering simultaneous membership in several thematic groups it has a capacity to publish all car dealership inventory without being banned by Facebook itself for spamming, however due the specific design of such groups the problem of extremely low effectivity of such advertising remains unsolved.

An infinite number of posts of other group members is pulling a car dealership’s posts down very fast, and to keep dealer’s posts on the top of the group requires full-time busy job for an employee, which is not affordable in most cases.

Used cars dealerships say that they actually make money when they buy a used car, which requires much efforts, and selling a used car, in fact, is not as complicated as buying one. And by using forward, and reversal API, will try to resolve the problem of multiple posting of car dealership’s inventory to public groups and keep car dealership’s inventory always in the top of such groups without violating Facebook policy. And as reversal service from such public groups intends to create a search algorithm allowing used cars dealers to easily search for a vehicle they need around all thematic Facebook groups in just one click.