Chrome 64 for Android gets site-wide audio muting option

Google Chrome 64 (v64.0.3282.116) for Android devices is finally rolling out and it brings with it an important feature – site-wide audio muting option and is designed to limit malicious auto-redirects.

Google already announced this feature, which it calls a part of the three protection layers, back in November last year. The latest Chrome update will reach all the compatible Android devices over the course of next few weeks.

The very first change that Chrome 64 for Android includes is the prevention of sites with abusive ad experiences. The browser mainly blocks third-party iframes if a user doesn’t directly interact with them. By this way, you’ll get a limited number of malicious auto-redirects throughout your Web browsing. An info bar will also be available to let you view what all the new tabs and windows are trying to overcome your browsing experience.

The Chrome 64 update also comes with an improved pop-up blocker that prevents sites with abusive experience such as links appear as clickable video playback buttons and site controls, or transparent overlays that open new tabs and windows by silently capturing clicks.

Additionally, the Chrome 64 update for Android devices come with a site-wide audio muting setting that lets you make the annoying sites silent with a single workaround. There is a new Sound menu that you can reach by going to Settings > Site settings that helps to mute sites from playing audio. By default, the new setting is enabled, though you can disable the same anytime or add some exceptions by visiting the new Sound menu.

The Chrome 64 also includes an upgraded interface that has a bottom address bar, instead of the original top bar. Similarly, you need to pull up the bottom bar to see your downloads, bookmarks, and history.You can check the availability of Chrome 64 on your Android device by visiting Google Play. Moreover, a similar update is also expected to reach Mac, Windows, and Linux in the coming days.