Can The Space Crystals Be The Next Cancer Drug?


Drug companies want to make and grow protein crystals that can replicate and unveil the essential protein structures found in the human body. They have chosen the space for developing such crystals which have the theoretical potential to be the next big cancer drug. To form such a crystal, a person has to travel into space and insert 10 microliters of the fluid in a microplate and let the crystal grow by itself. Every 10 microliters form one single droplet, and hence, it does not just involve balancing oneself in space but also be extremely precise in the protein crystal formation process. 

What Makes Space Crystals Special?

The craze for growing crystal in space irrespective of how difficult it is surfaced when the researchers found that these crystals grown in space are more perfect than the ones inside the human. The mechanics for fewer imperfections has been explained, and in a nutshell, it is due to the slow and