An Advisory Committee asks NASA to Reduce the Crew Size for ISS


NASA has set up an advisory body that looked at the delays that arise during the development of commercial crew systems. The committee wants the agency to consider options for reducing the crew that operates the International Space Station.

The Chairman of the advisory committee, Thomas Stafford, in a meeting mentioned some strategies that NASA can employ to reduce the size of the crew without affecting work that the ISS. He said that the United States astronaut could train Russian cosmonauts on some systems at the U.S Operating Segment of the ISS.

The committee recommended that NASA should plan with other ISS partners on ways to reduce the crew by fall 2019. Stafford said NASA should train cosmonauts who will enter the ISS aboard the Soyuz in September 2019 and March 2020. 

The committee asked NASA to deliver a presentation on the plans to reduce it crew size on the next advisory committee and NASA meeting. NASA’s spokesperson, Cheryl Warner,