A Quick Introduction to Nike

Nike has become a household name globally thanks to a combination of innovative design features and clever marketing campaigns.

Whether you are a professional runner looking for the perfect set of Nike running shoes or just someone who wants to get more active, you are bound to find something in their range that suits your needs.

What makes Nike special is that they design their range around four principles – comfort, quality, style, and functionality. You get to decide just how seriously you want to take your chosen sport and can get the perfect gear to match.

It all started back in the fifties when Bill Bowerman, then a track and field coach, became frustrated with the shoes on the market. The shoes were very heavy and were slowing down the athletes.

Bill thought that there has to be a better way to do things and so started to design his own shoes. He worked on simple principles – the shoes had to be light, they had to be comfortable and they had to be durable.

It was the start of what was to become an iconic brand. The same spirit of innovation is present in the company today, with researchers constantly looking to improve upon their designs. The focus is on creating shoes that both look and feel good, but that also provide the right kind of support.

The brand did also branch out into other sportswear as well but the idea is pretty much the same – making it possible for athletes to perform at their best and giving them the best chance of winning.

Nike, the ancient Greek goddess of victory, would be very pleased with the progress of the company named in her honor. Want to know even more about this giant in the industry? We have summarized the important facts in our infographic below.

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