Why Moon or Mars, when you have Venus?


Forget about going to the moon or even Mars; now it’s time to fly to the Venus. 

Small or significant, every company in the space industry has plans to send humans to some planet or moon. We have heard of Mars- the Red Planet or the moon, but a very reliable name is thinking of neither. NASA is considering sending humans to Venus, and the organisation is serious about it. 

NASA scientists have proposed a spacecraft like the steam-punk, which weighs almost nothing. This spacecraft could float in the atmosphere of Venus effortlessly. Venus is much remotely located as compared to mars, the time required to reach there hence is much more. Havoc (High Altitude Venus Operational Concept) would be able to send astronauts to Venus in lesser time than it would take to reach Mars. 

NASA is not talking about building colonies on some alien planet, but thinking about the not so beautiful Venus. Having a name quite enticing,