There is another new date set for the launch of Falcon 9 Rocket


After the date of launching the Falcon 9 rocket changed from May 7 to “To Be Determined” that was a disappointment for many people who had eagerly waited for the moment. The reason given for the same was beyond the understanding of millions. They wanted more time for the review of its data. What they experienced after the Friday fire test is also a secret well-known to them. All that said, there is hope for the launch. It will be on Thursday 10th May 2018. The other details regarding the matter unfold below. Read on!

There was an upgrade of the Falcon 9 rocket. The excitement of the change has brought about anxiety. The waiting of its launch keeps getting longer each day. If it cannot takeoff how can people note the changes? How can the engineers talk about the variance between their expectations and the reality?

There is a light at the end of the tunnel with the newest