The New LG G7 ThinQ Will be Rocking the World Soon

The new and upcoming LG smartphone, LG G7 ThinQ is in news because of its direct connection with the Google Assistant. On May 2, the phone is going to be unveiled. The phone is known to have a specific button for the Google Assistant. The power button of the phone will be one the right side of the phone while the Google Assistant button will be on the left side of the phone. There will be the fingerprint scanner on the back as usual.

The LG are this time following the same strategy which the Samsung used. The Samsung has a button of the same kind but they call it the Bixby assistant. This is a big step taken by LG as this will certainly push the use of artificial intelligence in smartphones. Right now the use of Artificial Intelligence in mobile phones is a great trend and along with LG, the companies like Samsung and Huawei are using it effectively. Even the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said that the Artificial Intelligence will help getting rid of harmful content from social media.

For quite some time now, the Google Assistant has been the part of smartphones. Usually, you can use it by pressing the home button long. But giving a separate button to the feature shows that LG is certainly thinking about future. One thing about the button is that it cannot be reprogrammed, quite similar to the Samsung Bixby assistant.

LG doing everything that can cement their feet in the smartphone market. The LG G6 which is said to be the predecessor of the new LG G7 Thinq was a big flop when it came out in competition with the Samsung Galaxy S8. So, the company changes their thinking a bit and with some great modifications, the new LG G7 Thinq is coming to give a hard time to other smartphones of the era. Especially the specified button for Google Assistant, which makes it apart from many other smartphones.

There are some rumors and some images stating the phone will look more or less like the iPhone X. But to know the reality, we have to wait a little longer as the phone will be launching on 2nd of May in New York. In the meantime there may be more rumors or leaked images of the phone can be seen but the truth will be unveiled only on the launch.