The launch of military satellites by ISRO

The Indian Space Research Organization that is ISRO is said to be launching various important satellites in space this year. These satellites will be of great aid to the military as they will be able to keep a close eye on the neighbors who are considered to be a threat to our country. The same will also allow the military to secure the seas and land borders.

At the end of this year, ISRO will be launching Risat-2A which is considered to be an advanced remote sensing satellite. This will be launched for the surveillance purposes. A satellite for the IAF that is the Indian Air Force is also said to be launched by ISRO in the month of September. This satellite is known as Gsat-7A.

A similar satellite named Gsat-7 or also named as Rukmini was launched to serve the Navy’s important purpose in the year 2013 on 29th September. It assisted the Navy in scrutinizing the IOR that is the Indian Ocean Region. Rukmini has a total of 2000 nautical mile footprints which also provides various input to the warships and submarines of India.

This highly efficacious satellite also had observation on china’s warship on the Indian Ocean. Gsat-7A will be launched by the rocket named GSLV Mk ll. This will allow the India Air Force to be able to link various ground radar air bases, stations, and AWACS aircraft. The global operating of the IAF is also increased by the launch of such a satellite. The warfare capabilities of IAF are also intensified in this way.

ISRO will be launching another satellite named Risat-2A with the help of the PSLV rocket. This will boost and broaden the surveillance capabilities of the country as this satellite is an advanced remote sensing one. It will also assist in observing the weather conditions of some of the areas of the earth’s surface. Land mapping will also be done with the help of this satellite.

Risat-2A which is considered to be the third of Risat satellite series will be deployed to scrutinize and analyze the surface of the ocean. For the security of India, especially after the Mumbai terrorist attack on 26th November in the year 2008, the Risat-2 was placed instead of Risat-1 to increase the capability of the security forces.

In this year, the heaviest satellite known as the Gsat-11 is to be launched by ISRO in the month of June. This military satellite is said to have a weight of 5.7 tonnes.