The Defense Department needs little rockets that can dispatch satellites immediately 


For a considerable length of time, the Defense Department has depended on school transport estimated satellites propelled high over the Earth for national security missions. Those satellites can take a very long time to construct and dispatch. Furthermore, as countries pick up the capacity to shoot down or handicap them and hardware getting smaller and all the more capable that is increasing enthusiasm for building up the capacity to dispatch modest satellites rapidly and with generally little notice. That is the highlight of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s new dispatch challenge. In late 2019, a few little satellite dispatch groups will be given a permit from the Federal Aviation Administration to lift payloads, with only 14 days’ notice, to particular circles from an area they will take in a month early. An effective dispatch will win a group $2 million. 

After two weeks, they’ll need to do it again with another payload, circle and dispatch site. After contenders are