Tesla’s Next Roadster Will Feature Actual SpaceX Rocket Thrusters-Elon Musk 


According to Telsa CEO Elon Musk, to improve the performance, the package option of forthcoming Telsa Roadster will include ten small rocket thrusters, which are arranged around the car. According to Telsa HQ, the general policy is not confirmed until now. More technical details will be provided by Musk on Sunday morning. 

Musk tweeted and said that the flame spitting engines and the burning rocket fuel are not legal. He told the enhance roadster would use COPVS, which are used in the Falcon 9 rocket on the SpaceX. On Saturday, Musk wrote that New Telsa Roadster would enhance all gas sports cars. They can not only enhance the acceleration but also change the nature of the high-performance vehicle. The thrusters can provide direct assistance. 

Significantly, SpaceX COPV played a role on the Sept. 1, 2016 explosion of a Falcon 9 during fueling, which ultimately resulted in the failure of the launch. In this case, earlier this year an oversight panel