SpaceX Will Launch NASA and Iridium Satellites


GRACE-FO is one of the popular satellite missions, which have gained massive popularity in recent times. The satellite mission is now following the ultimate footsteps of NASA’s GRACE mission. It is on the way of proving itself successful. It has been characterized by Earth’s gravitational field right from the orbit in great detail from the year 2002 to 2017. 

GRACE-FO, the amazing satellite mission includes the two identical spacecraft that will offer critical measurements, which will be used together along with some other data to monitor the movement of water masses right across the planet and mass changes within the Earth itself. It has been written in the official description of NASA. It was also written about the monitoring changes in the ice sheets along with glaciers. There are also some of the monitoring changes in the sea level and underground water storage, which offers the exceptional view of Earth’s climate and has far-reaching benefits. The ultimate mission, which