SpaceX unable to provide Earth images

Recently there has been a certain issue that has made Space X incapable of providing valuable images through the satellite that was originally positioned into the orbit form the stage of the Falcon 9. Well, the primary reason for this failure on the part of the SpaceX is due to the fact National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has recently brought about a law which the various space companies need to follow. These commercial companies need to obtain a license which will allow these companies to broadcast various videos from the orbit as per the requirement of the National and Commercial Space Program Act.

Enforcement of the law

This law had been there in existence from the year of 2010. But till now it was not enforced. Even SpaceX had been providing images from the orbit into the earth until now. But henceforth it will not be possible for Space X. It is assumed by SpaceX fans that the introduction of “Starman” has caught up with the attention of NOAA whereby they thought that perhaps in this situation the threshold limit will cross and as a result this imposition or rather the law was imposed on all the commercial companies.

This enforcing of the law does not mean that previously Space X was executing its activities on an illegal platform. It only implies that either the NOAA authorities have framed the law in a different format with different clauses or they might have realized it now that this law, although framed in 2010, was not legalized till the present day. However, the entire incidence of lack of proper images from the orbit is considered as a part of political strategy.

Final decision

However to avoid any sort of dispute SpaceX has decided to abide by the law. They have decided to obtain the requisite license so that they can transfer images to the earth in due course of time. The company has the target of getting the total license much before the start of its Falcon 9 blocks 5 which is anticipated to be launched soon. The company knows very well that if they comply with obligations at the earliest then it will help their fans to avoid any further disruption. NOAA has however expressed the view that SpaceX had itself went to NOAA for obtaining the license.

Anyways, all this fuss about the license issue after so many years has really confused the fans.


Why SpaceX Cannot Broadcast Earth Images