Spaceship Two Of Virgin Galactic Successfully Completes It’s Second Test


During a power flight test conducted by the Virgin Galactic company over Mojave Desert in California, the Spaceship Two rocket plane established a fresh record in height and speed. The test was conducted on Tuesday , May 29th.

This test flight of the rocket has inched it a bit closer to the fact that eventually the Spaceship will be used to take passengers on the rim of the space on mini trips. Earlier this privately funded program was delayed owing to the the unsuccessful flight of the first Spaceship Two of Virgin Galactic, that unfortunately killed one of the test pilot while the second one was severely injured and the spacecraft was destroyed.

The rocket was launched from the Mojave Air and Spaceport situated in Mojave desert, California. It was carried in the sky by a carrier jet named VMS Eve. The mothership VMS Eve vehicle dropped the rocket plane which then boosted it’s engines around 12:34 EDT.

The rocket