Satellite Data made use to search for Alien Megastructures 


The Gaia satellite which belongs to the ESA (European Space Agency) has been helping the researchers to map billions of stars in the Milky Way galaxy since some time. The awesome star catalog of this spacecraft has been made use by a group of astronomers to search for advanced alien life and civilizations. 

Gaia’s first release of the data from September 2016, of a billion stars, was combed by a team of scientists and researchers from the University of Heidelberg, Germany and Uppsala University in Sweden. Then the findings were cross-examined with Milky Way-watching RAVE project of Australia in order to find the differences in the placement of the stars from both the observatories. The RAVE data estimated the distance of the star with respect to it brightness properties whereas the Gaia data showed the distance of the stars with respect to its movement with the stars in the background (with the help of parallax effect). The disparity of