Redesigned free app from Spotify

If you are a music freak and uses Spotify, this news is for you. Spotify is one of those digital music service providers that gives you access to millions of songs. It is used by many due to the reliability and authenticity of providing the desired song without much hassle. The user-friendly interface is another added advantage that people gain with Spotify. And now with its new version of the free app, it is astonishing people all over again.

Spotify has announced that this new version of the free app will provide a better and more remunerative experience to the users. With this, the company is expecting the unpaid subscribers to become the paid one as the services are very alluring and worth taking a chance. Earlier the users of Spotify only have the freedom to listen to the playlists on shuffle, but now with the new version, the order of the songs to play can be personalized. The users can pick the songs of their choice and play them in the sequence they want.

If you are an unpaid subscriber you can still pick the songs and create the playlists but create your order won’t be possible without being a paid one. The new version also has an advantage for the free users. Now they will get the recommendations of other songs which are not in their playlists but can be added as per their choice. This will give an extended view of the plethora of songs of the same genre that the user likes to listen.

Also, the new version comes with alluring home screen view of the playlist in the Spotify. Other than these, the app is also introducing a data saver option with the help of which you can save your data to a great extent as per the company. Around 75 percent of the data is saved once the paid subscription is taken. If interested, the user can switch on the data saver option manually while downloading the song.

The chief research and development officer of Spotify Gustav Söderström has told that their app has around 90 million users all around the world who are using the free services. Every new paid subscriber has once started with the unpaid option. Therefore, it is believed that in the coming days with this new version not only the people would get benefitted but Spotify as well.