Qatar’s Grand Plan to takeover Middle East’s News Narrative Internationally

In the latest development from Middle East scuffle between Qatar and other Arab states including Saudi Arabia, Qatar is launching a Large Scale International Media Outlet that will enable Qatar to completely take over the Middle Eastern narrative building. This strategic initiative is planned to be a more intensive and improved version of Qatar’s own Al Jazeera Network. Through this launch, Qatar aims to conquer the news and narratives pertaining to the Middle Eastern region.

This new media organization, which is said to be launched in association with BOLIC by the efforts of Embassy of Qatar in Pakistan, which is touted as “a preemptive move” by Qatar to cater the negative buzz about the country that has followed the sanctions from neighboring countries especially Saudi Arabia & UAE. Similar to al Jazeera, the media network not only aims to cater the Arabic speaking audience but also plans to get their message across to the international audience in their very own languages. To achieve this goal, Qatari media executives have already formulated a strategy to communicate their perspective in 14+ international languages including English, French and Spanish, as well as other Asian languages such as Hindi, Mandarin, Persian and Japanese.

The usage of power of media to communicate their own narrative internationally will help Qatar depict itself as an “Emerging Middle Eastern Power”. It will propagate the Qatari Narrative about their regional opponents such as Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates on an international platform to reach the audience around the world.

Realizing the importance of media and narrative building in this age of modern warfare, Qatar is leaving no stone unturned to take over the Middle Eastern Narrative by creating a powerful media block with Al Jazeera and this upcoming mega media initiative, Qatar is focusing on narrative communication to every single continent in their native languages. With Qatar taking this bold step to take over the news narrative, the power shift of media has raised major concerns for local opponent such as Saudi Arabia and UAE.