[From left] Pascal Boulanger, COO of NAWA Technologies receives the award from Nicolas Dufourcq BPIFrance CEO. Also pictured are Guillaume Boudy, General Secretary for Innovation in France and Anne Lauvergeon of the WIC World Innovation Challenge

March 27th 2018 – NAWA Technologies, a pioneering energy storage company based in Aix-en-Provence, has fought off fierce competition in the World Innovation Challenge 2017-2019 to reach Phase 2 and will receive 1.35m Euros of funding over three years for further development of its structural battery.

The World Innovation Challenge seeks out the most talented entrepreneurs and exceptional technology innovations with significant implications for the French economy. NAWA Technologies passed through Phase 1 of the challenge between 2014-2016 and it has now been announced that it has been awarded Phase 2 funding for development of its revolutionary structural battery concept: NAWA Shell.

NAWA Shell sees energy storage take place in the body of products. Like the Oriental hornet, which stores energy in its outer body, NAWA Shell technology allows energy storage to occur within the body of a product such as the panels of a car, the wings of a plane or even the case of a mobile phone. NAWA Shell utilizes vertically aligned carbon nanotubes with a unique coating.

NAWA has already demonstrated rapid development with its Ultra Fast Carbon Battery, the next generation of the ultra capacitor, pioneering pilot manufacturing and placing demonstrators with large companies.
The funding received from the World Innovation Challenge will allow six full time staff to be hired for the NAWA Shell project who will remain in the company full time, with funds also going towards R&D.

The NAWA Shell project will not only be developed through the World Innovation Challenge, but also through NAWA’s own Open Innovation Programme. With this NAWA is looking to the future and opening up the field of development to more minds, allowing outside experts to take part in NAWA Technologies with the end result of further innovation and faster development.

Pascal Boulanger, COO of NAWA Technologies, said: “We are delighted to have been chosen for this second stage of funding, and honoured that our work is recognized as significant to the future of the French economy. The global potential for structural batteries is enormous and NAWA Shell is just one of our pioneering energy storage solutions. We are greatly looking forward to this funding accelerating this project and also strengthening our entire range of offerings. We thank the World Innovation Challenge for their continued support and their commitment to the development of crucial technologies for the future.”