NASA spacecraft going for Marsquake

The InSight Lander, one of the ambitious missions of NASA, is going to be launched this Saturday. It will carry with it some of the useful instruments which will take essential readings about the temperature as well as the pulse of the Red Plant. The InSight is believed to go much deeper inside the core of the planet to derive many detailed data. It is thought to even the slightest shake or tremor felt will be captured by InSight which will give the full details about how this planet was formed what the features or activities that are going on till today are.

Insight will aim to help the scientists find out as to why Earth and Mars which came out from the same primordial segments more than 4.5 billion years ago look so different as of today. Earth used to have plate tectonics which currently does not have any existence ad they are all recycled. This statement was made by the Deputy Principal of the mission, Suzzane Smekar. According to her, Mars is a planet which gives the scientists an opportunity to study the materials, chemical reactions and the structure which are very similar to what our Earth is made up of. However such composition is preserved for so many years, and now it is an opportunity for us to explore them.

InSight is all set to be launched from Vandeberg Air Force Base in California. It is considered to be NASA’s first interplanetary launch that will take place from the west coast of California, and the scientists feel that if everything goes as per planning, then it will become the first mission to examine and analyze the seismic waves on the Red Planet.

InSight will be accompanied by two small-sized satellites known as the Mars Cube one or MarCo. These twin spacecraft will fly behind the idea for its six-month journey and at the same time allow NASA to carry out its testing activities. If these miniature satellites make their way up to the Martian Planet, they will be able to send data from InSight.

Subsequent to the touching down on the surface of the Red Planet, InSight will remain there for two years. It will stay patiently in the middle of the Elysium Planitia which is a vast flat plain situated near the Martian equator. The InSight Lander’s dome-shaped seismometer gives the impression of the tools that are used to detect the quakes that occur on the Earth.