Juno Space Craft Mission extended three years more by NASA


There is good news for space fans. Recently NASA has provided funds and now its time for Juno spacecraft to accomplish its missions. In the year 2011, the probe left our planet, and in 2016, it reached to Jupiter. This should complete the things this year, February. It is the time, now NASA has accepted to give fund to the project and extend the project until 2022, which is 41 months from now. This clearly stated that Juno would be orbiting the Jupiter or giant gas until July 2021 and spend some months until it analyses the data.

If you see Juno has a short lifespan, this is why it orbits around Jupiter in every 14days. However, something went wrong with the valves in the fuel process, so it got stuck suddenly after 53 days orbit instead of 14-day orbit. More extended orbits means, it requires more time to collect data, which NASA wanted to gain from it. However, the