How To Plan A Wedding In The Digital Age

There’s no getting around it: planning a wedding is easily one of the most stressful things you can do — especially when it’s your own. Some couples can afford to hire professional wedding planners to handle all the details. But if that’s not you, no need to worry; you don’t need a perfect credit score and endless budget to have the wedding of your dreams.

Truth be told, there’s plenty you can do these days to use the same tools the pros do. Even if you’ve never organized an event like this before, if you arm yourself with the right tools and tactics, there’s no reason that you can’t organize the perfect wedding.

1. Appy Couple

The concept behind Appy Couple is actually pretty straightforward: what if you could have access to wedding planning tool that helped organize everything relating to your wedding in one place?

Appy Couple helps you keep track of all your wedding planning needs, and consolidate all of your information in a single dynamic platform. They take the guesswork and stress out of dealing with multiple accounts for different tasks. That means you can do things like managing your guest list, collecting RSVPs, keeping track of your Azazie dress alterations, and sharing your itinerary — all via a highly personalized website and mobile app.

2. Eversnap

For some people, taking their wedding pictures on Facebook and Instagram, posting the event is all that really matters. But with Eversnap (one of the best photo-and-video sharing event apps), couples can open up their photo directory to the world and get access to some wonderful moments that you otherwise get lost somewhere.

All you need to do is sign up and create your album. You’ll then receive a template for the online RSVP, complete with instruction for guests. It used to be that guests needed to download the free Eversnap iPhone, but they actually modified their platform, so guests don’t have to download anything to view/add photos.

3. Guesterly

The easiest way of looking at Guesterly is to think of it as a way to connect your guests beyond the occasional small talk. Here’s how it works. You and your fiance either choose or create your own questions for guests to answer. You then share your custom link with event participants and track those responses.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have the chance to customize your cover, welcome letter, program and colors (among other things). You’ll then edit and preview your masterpiece, followed by ordering the digital flipbook (which you get for free, by the way). At that point, all that’s left is to share that Guesterly link and drive more guests to the site. Of course, that’s just the basics of Guesterly. The truth is that the perks they offer are pretty impressive.

Not only will they design a personalized lookbook for you, but you can also create a questionnaire to share with people. Plus, with an intuitive, easy-to-follow process, you’ll be able to apply site changes within 2 minutes of deciding.

4. Thankster

The idea behind Thankster was a simple one. The goal was to greatly ease the burden of writing all those thank you notes and greeting cards. The real problem is that these cards are typically expected to be in your own handwriting, despite being repetitive and tedious to write.

That’s where Thankster comes into the picture, making the process infinitely easier by letting you type out the notes, beginning with a core message that you can then edit individually as much or as little as you like. You can also use one of the handwriting styles they supply, or just use your own handwriting by submitting a sample to them. If you’re looking for a way to offer a message that feels personal but doesn’t force you to sit down for hours and hand-write notes all day, Thankster is the tool for you.

5. AllSeated

What makes AllSeated such an impressive wedding planning tool is that it lets couples build a floor plan of their venue and appropriately structure the seating arrangements using that knowledge.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg with AllSeated. This tool also lets you build up your guest list, structure out your wedding day and the days leading up to it, and the floor plan can even be viewed in 3D. AllSeated also helps you connect with event planners, caterers and vendors, easily and efficiently.

Combine their list of perks with their 24/7 customer service and their emphasis on support and security, and you’ve got a potent wedding planning tool. When it comes to properly planning a wedding, the key is organization, problem-solving, and creative budgeting. If you’re able to do both of those, you’ll have no problem planning the perfect wedding day.

What digital tools are you using to plan your wedding?