Get Ready For a Vacation in Space Luxury Hotel

We have heard of many places and distant countries which are best to go for a vacation. But have you thought of a vacation out of the Earth? Orion Span, a start-up which is Texas-based, announced on April 5th that they have begun taking reservations for Aurora Station. Aurora Station will be the world’s first high-class luxury hotel in space and is expected to be launched by the year 2021 and open to visitors by the next year.

The Aurora Station is a pill-shaped one which will measure 14.1 feet wide and 43.5 feet long. The construction of this station will begin in 2019 and will have the size of a luxury jet’s cabin after completion. The station will only accommodate 6 people at a time, two of which will be crew members (former astronauts). The station will hover 322 kilometers above the Earth’s surface and will rotate the planet every 90 minutes. This will allow the guests to enjoy about 16 sunsets and sunrises daily. While enjoying the views and beauty of the space, the tourists will have access to luxury non-astronaut food and drinks as well as have fun playing cards or at the holodeck platform of virtual reality.

Those who wish to spend some quality time will be able to do experiments like an astronaut, such as making use of the micro-g environment to grow food. Also, the spacecraft is Wi-Fi enabled, which will allow the guests to share their life experience with people on Earth. This 12-day vacation trip is expected to cost $791,667/night for a single guest, and the whole trip will cost about $9.5 million.

In order to go on this wonderful trip, there are some efforts to be made. The guests will have to complete an OSAC (Orion Span Astronaut Certification) program, which for a duration of three months. The first stage of the program is not that hard and can be completed online or thru the OSAC app, which will only be available by 2019. The second stage spans for about 6 weeks, and in this stage, the spacecraft system’s guidelines and other information will be taught to the guests. For the second stage, the guests will have to go to the State of the Art facility of Orion Span in Houston, Texas. The final step of the program will be conducted in space after which the guests will be certified to make the trip.

At the end of the space visit, the guest will be treated as heroes back from a successful space expedition, just like real astronauts. To reserve a spot on Aurora Station, it will cost $80,000 per person and is a refundable deposit.


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