Don Forman: The Unsung Hero of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada — April 2018 – Following the largest mass shooting in the history of the country, the city of Las Vegas needed a hero and it found one through the help of American businessman and humanitarian, Don Forman.

It can be recalled that a total of 58 people were killed and more than 800 were injured in the Route 91 Harvest music festival at the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada last October 1, 2017. The mass shooting was perpetrated by Stephen Paddock, a 64-year old man who used his suite located in the Mandalay Bay hotel on the 32nd floor. According to local officials that Paddock fired more than 1100 rounds before killing himself.

Most recently, Don Forman extended his help to the greater city of Las Vegas by offering free car rides to people who are willing to donate blood to the victims of the deadly shooting.

Forman set the movement in motion after finding out that numerous workers from his company, United Nissan were part of the 22,000 concertgoers who were having a good time in a casino near the area. Fortunately, no United Nissan employees were unharmed.

United Nissan is a car dealership company located in Nevada which provides its customers premium services, carefree purchases, and great financing. United Nissan also features a wide collection of classic and new Nissan models. To ensure a perfect ride for our customers, United Nissan offers their excellent services from routine maintenance to major car repairs.

Don Forman, who is also the store owner of Tustin Nissan, together with Fox5 surprise squad, has not only been putting smiles on the lips of everyone for the past five years but also giving them a ray of hope in the middle of a terrible crisis.

Nissan of Tustin or commonly known as Tustin Nissan is a car dealership company in Orange County, Los Angeles owned by Don Forman. Tustin Nissan provides its customers a great service on taking good care of their vehicles while granting services such as regular maintenance, oil changes, tire replacements, and battery service.

Fox5 Surprise squad which is backed and funded by Tustin Nissan, United Nissan, and as well as the American First Credit Surprise, was established last December 16, 2013. The Fox5 Surprise team has been roaming around Las Vegas searching for real stories of grief, success, and encouragement of people from the different walks of life. It also brings to light stories of people who have made a huge impact in their respective communities in Nevada.

Don Forman along with Fox5 Surprise Squad has continuously given back to its community by not only providing help but also recognizing people who became unheralded heroes in the face of adversity.

Among those unsung heroes included Aurora cross maker Greg Zanis who is the founder of the Crosses for Losses movement. Zanis started making crosses in 1997 following the disastrous shooting in Columbine, Colorado. Just recently, Zanis paid tribute to the homicide victims in Parkland, Florida where 17 people were found dead at Stoneman Douglas High School last February 14, 2018.

His humanitarian effort was greatly noticed by Don Forman and the Fox5 Surprise Squad after he traveled more than 2000 miles to deliver crosses to the 58 people who died in the horrific mass shooting last year.