CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos announces, Amazon Prime Memberships exceeds 100 million mark

Amazon is a widely known e-commerce company and with the digital platform, Amazon Prime, viewers can get hold on to watch original webs series and their favourite TV series and movies. The Chief operating officer of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, announced that their paid membership on Amazon Prime has crossed 100 million and they promise to meet the customer expectations in future as well.

The milestone has been noted down on the Annual Shareholder letter of Amazon where he has talked out long-term strategies, investment plans and coming up with new products such as Alexa digital assistant and Echo Speakers.

Amazon Prime memberships are either monthly or annually and those who are prime members get best offers and deals to shop on Amazon making it more worthy to them. Bezos also commented about how Amazon is high on customer satisfaction surveys conducted individually which gives them the motivation to invent new things and please them.

Jeff disclosed the fact that in the year 2017, Amazon had been able to ship over 5 billion products with Amazon Prime and that many more new members were added in the very same year. The year 2017 was the best year for their hardware sales and now the company is planning to invest aggressively with an aim to expand the brand and customer base worldwide.

After the letter was published on Wednesday, Shares of Amazon boost up to 1.5% in the extended trading.

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