Allen Hartman on How Real Estate Photographs Can Help

When experts take photographs, they are incredibly appealing to see. The fact that human beings like photographs it’s evident by the fact that we share our own pictures online through various social media websites. However, when it is done by professionals, it can actually be seen as a strong marketing tool. According to Allen Hartman, providing a photo of the proposition that is being made, including real estate, is a fantastic way of getting more customers so long as it is done by the professionals.

Within the world of real estate, photographs have been showing time and again to make it much easier to sell a property. In fact, real estate photography offers a number of key benefits. Some of those benefit the seller whereas others benefit the agent. This is true regardless of location, from Houston to Miami.

Allen Hartman on Seller Benefits of Photography

 For the seller:

  • The property is likely to sell much quicker. If a homeowner wants to sell, using a professional photographer is a very good idea because it will attract more people to there listing. Additionally, a buyer who wishes to find a new property will use these pictures to make an initial judgement. It is vital therefore, that the property is presented in the right way.
  • It enables the seller to increase the price of the house. If the  photographs are truly stunning, it is far more likely that they will get a lot of attention from buyers. The more people are interested in a property, the more they will offer for it as well. Indeed, a homeowner who attracts a lot of potential buyers can even increase the asking price.

Allen Hartman on Agent Benefits of Photography

For the agents:

  • A good photograph can increase an agent’s reputation. It is vital that they are able to market a property and have a good description of its condition and standing and therefore also listed at the right price. However, if a property is showcased using appealing professional photographs, then it is more likely that the agent is seen as a true professional as well and that people have faith in their skills.
  • It allows them to impress the clients they already have as well as attracting new ones. Having professional photographs demonstrates that the agent is committed to properly presenting the property they have on offer. For clients, this demonstrates that they have found someone who will do all they can to help them sell their home. Additionally, it is a fantastic way, again, of increasing reputation because it allows the agent to create an attractive portfolio that will draw other buyers and sellers to them.

 By having professional real estate photographs included in the listing, agents and sellers alike can clearly benefit quite significantly. Ultimately, both want to make a quick sale at the highest price possible and good photographs enable this. While it is true that the professional photographer also costs more, this is money well spent as it clearly develops a strong return on investment. Furthermore, professional photographers are surprisingly affordable.