The Nuclear Battle between the Earth and Sun 


Somewhere down in the sun’s center, covered under a huge number of miles of winding and convecting hydrogen and helium, an atomic fire seethes. At a temperature of more than 15 million the diabolical weights are sufficiently high to crush together hydrogen cores, producing essential helium and discharging a small piece of vitality. Response after endless response, this vitality aggregates and, as photons, advances toward the turbulent surface. When free, the photons race through exhaust space, showering the close planetary system in brilliance and warmth. Be that as it may, they are not the only one. The repressed energies in the core of the sun drive the surface into a bubbling free for all, and this dynamic strife releases surges of particles the hydrogen and helium constituents of the sun’s coronal environment itself that quicken outward into space. 

The radiation from the sun, going at the speed of light, wins the race against the particles and get to reach the