Space Tourism


In the recent past, two companies that have owners as billionaire entrepreneurs. The two people are Richard Bronson who does own Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin. The two companies have been making research on Space tourism. This is mainly how people will be available to travel to space and back. The researcher has been able to achieve a breakthrough. This does mean that we are almost getting closer than we thought. In April, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo did complete the first powered test flight. Before the end of April, they were able to launch its New Shepard rocket.

This rocket was equipped with a test dummy and a handful of scientific experiments. The questions pop ‘Are about to start traveling trips to space?’ Christian Davenport has confessed that it might be happening soon. Christian via his book that is dubbed ‘The Space Barons.’ This book does explain in detail how all that was done. Bezos and Branson have