Satellite Startup ICEYE get the chance to raise $34 Million to See through the Clouds 


Imaging satellite startup ICEYE, which does make satellites that are equipped for seeing through mists to give clear photos of the surface, declared Thursday that it had brought $34 million up in a Series B financing round. Among the investors in the round incorporate True Ventures, Draper Nexus, Space Angels, Promus Ventures and others. ICEYE fabricates microsatellites that are lighter than 100kg yet equipped for imaging the Earth utilizing engineered opening radar (SAR) instead of cameras or spectroscopes. SAR is a kind of radar fit for making both 2-and 3-dimensional pictures in high determination. A satellite does this by utilizing its flight way to recreate a considerably bigger radar receiving the wire. What’s more, the more satellites there are, the better the determination of pictures produced since bigger receiving wires can be reproduced. 

Pictures produced utilizing SAR are important to an assortment of clients, for example, the oil and gas industry, since it empowers pictures of the ground to be