Researchers Locate unusual lasers heading to Earth


Researchers have seen double unusual lasers that are coming out of large ant nebula. The unique blasts look to show that the cluster is hiding a double star at its center.  The blast which does happen daily is connected with the death of a star. This was recorded by the European Space Agency’s, Herschel space observatory. If the stars that measures relative weight just like our usual Sun get to come nearer to their death. As this happens, they get to shed their outer layers of a gas and a dust into the space. This hence creates a kaleidoscope effect that can be seen across the world. Currently, the scientists, have been able to gather that the process is more dramatic than it is seen. At the same moment, stars get to throw out powerful lasers. This is according to what was seen. According to the Space ant, it is unclear where the lasers are coming from. However, this