MethaneSAT – a new satellite mission for searching methane gas

The president Fred Krupp of Environmental Defense Fund announced that they are going to launch a new satellite for detecting the source of a greenhouse gas like methane which is damaging our environment radically. The satellite is named MethaneSAT which will be able to detect and control the environmental damage due to methane.

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas which is produced by the activities of human, responsible for making the environment warm. Methane is mainly produced by gas and oil industries, other than that, rice field, wetlands, manmade wells are also the source of methane. More than 75 million metric tons of methane is mixed with our environment every year which is a great concern of the scientists of The Environmental Defense Fund and as a result the MethaneSAT is made.

The Environmental Defense Fund is one of the top global nonprofit organizations which involves in giving solutions to the major environmental issues.

This MethaneSAT project is going to be made by The Environmental Defense Fund in collaboration with the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and the scientist of the Harvard University. The cost of this project will be borne by Philanthropy; already 400 million dollar fund has collected for this project. The project is under construction and three more years are needed to accomplish the project.

Detecting methane source is not very easy as it spread very quickly and mixed with an environment. There are many satellites which presently measure methane, like the methane sensor by Japanese scientists, the Tropomi satellite by The European Space Agency, carbon dioxide and methane sensor by Quebec Company GHGSat; but all fail to give a perfect measurement of methane emission.

The MethaneSAT is going to be the best one for detecting the methane emission because it can find each and all sources at a time across the whole world, it gives a high-resolution picture quality and it is very fast in detecting the problem; as a result MethaneSAT can provide the most reliable and fully transparent data which is measured on a universal scale.

As the data will be provided to the oil and gas industries and other service sectors where a methane emission issue is, they can check and understand their leakage of methane emission and help to reduce the climate change problem to a great extent. As per the scientists of the International Energy Agency, around 75% methane emissions can be reduced all over the world.