Elon Musk to colonize Mars

The way Elon Musk is rampaging up his campaign to reach Mars, it’s quite obvious that and he is giving the impression of writing off Planet Earth. All the efforts of SpaceX are concentrated on developing a proper and highly developed transportation system that can carry humans to the outer space and thereby develop a working colony on Mars. This concept of Elon Musk is surely very appreciable, but it is one of such thinking which will surely make you believe that the CEO of SpaceX has called it a day for Earth. He has made a perception n such a way that has forced us to concentrate more on the red pastures.

This concept of Musk has been further elaborated from his own state where he has stated that there will two ways of living life from now on. He is of the view that history will get divided into two ways. One will be live on earth forever which is be quite difficult because Musk feels some day or the other there will be an extinction event and people will meet the doomsday. The alternate option would be to habituate ourselves from now on to accustom ourselves for becoming multiplanetary species. Musk has a strong feeling within himself that civilization on earth will get extinct one day and thus it would be quite correct from our end to execute the precautionary actions from now onwards.

Thus Elon Musk has a clear vision of saving humanity at the earliest. In order to do so he is leaving no stones unturned to establish civilization on Mars and also explore other planets so that people can be saved from any sort of natural calamity, extinction of mankind, presence of killer robots, asteroid, devastating climatic change or any such catastrophic even that might not leave any human species alive.

This vision of Elon Musk has been strongly upheld in Earth Day event. It has been strongly recommended that in order to save our species from extinction, then it would be our prime responsibility to save our planet’s animals, plants. We, the humans, need to avoid any negative influence, to conserve our delicate ecosystem and to believe every moment that we only need to save our planet from getting destroyed. It is the only place ill date where life has evolved to the fullest and has thrived eventually. However, this concept of trying to make a living set up on Mars shows that none of the above-mentioned activities are being followed.


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