Donate to ’’Toys R us’’ for your kids to keep smiling and donate to ‘’Alcohol Substitute’’ for your kids to keep their parents safe!

Two major campaigns are running now on Go Fund Me ‘Save Toys ‘R’ Us and “Donate to Alcohol Substitute’’

Do you now that every 15 minutes someone in the United States is killed or seriously injured in an alcohol relating incident?

Think twice before drinking as the consequences could be disastrous for your kids and family members.

When a Child Loses a Parent?

But what happens when a child loses one or both parents before reaching adulthood?  Along with the inevitable problems dealing with grief and loss, can being deprived of a parent at an early age affect the kind of intimate relationships children form after becoming adults?

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1. Your child will have experienced trauma.

2. Your child will not have a sense of permanency.

3. Your child will not have an idea of what to do with free time.

4. Your child has learned great survival skills, but not great family skills.

5. Your child has learned that he or she can only depend on him- or herself.

6. Your child may have suffered abuse of some kind.

7. Your child may have suffered extreme neglect.

You can be a part of this historic movement to #  by donating today!  Your donation will help to ensure that ‘’people can stay away from liquors”

The deadline for reaching the $10 million goal is Dec 31, 2018. The funds collected through this campaign would be used in the formulation of a bid to acquire some building facilities and equipment This is not a charitable donation, and certain donor disclosures apply.

PLEASE READ BEFORE DONATING: Be advised that this is not a donation to a charitable cause, and there is no tax deduction available. It is a donation to a potential commercial venture. The funds raised would be added to other capital being gathered by the potential purchasers of some or all Alcohol Substitute. A donation to this campaign doesn’t qualify you to claim equity in any potential acquisition; it simply means you want future generations to keep away from liquor.

Therefore, before donating, please note that there is no guarantee that the offer to purchase this building facility as described above will be made or accepted. You are donating “at your own risk.” If your donation is not used to achieve the purchase of Alcohol Substitute in some form, it will be returned to you.


The maximum donation we can accept online through GoFundMe is $50,000. Donations of more than $50,000 will be accepted via wire transfer.

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