Did Mars have a cold and icy climate in the past?


The climate of the Red Planet in the ancient times is an ever continuing debate. Some feel that it had a warm and wet environment while others think that it had cold and icy weather. New findings say that the weather for the Red Planet was freezing and icy. 

Mars is full of valley networks, too many lake deposits and deltas as well. This shows at some point of time it must have had an abundance of water. Such a condition might be around 4 billion years ago. But the climatic conditions of the planet’s past situations have not been warm enough to produce liquid water to fill up these places. 

According to Briony Horgan, who is an assistant professor of earth, atmospheric as well as planetary sciences at the University of Purdue has said that some of the people are trying to analyse the ancient climate of Mars in similar lines as what was done in case of Earth.