China’s to cover the Moon’s Far Side – The Relay Satellite Launch


There was a recent successful launch of a spacecraft in China. That is a milestone given the fact that the mission is a great deal. In the course of the year, the country will take a mission to the far side of the moon. It will be one of a kind. It is the first ever mission to go that far. We will discuss some details about the launch as well as the purpose. Check this out!

The rocket by the name Long March 4C propelled the satellite. The launch of the Queqiao relay satellite took place in Xichang Satellite Launch Centre, Sichuan Province. The date of May 20th at 5:28 EDT. In other words, it was 2100 GMT as well as May 21st at 5:28 a.m. Xichang local time.

As we speak, the spacecraft is heading to the Earth-moon Lagrange point 2. That is a place that is not only gravitationally stable but also around 64,000 kilometers past the