A Glance to Space in the year 2020

Scientist reported that dark patches on space have been noticed on the clouds of the planet that could suggest that microbes might be capable of living there.

They utilize space probes to trace dark space around Venus rust colored body, which looks like a light that absorbs properties of microbes spotted on Earth.

The study was published earlier this week. This implies that the bacteria can live by being gently blown around by wind in Venus ‘cooler cloud tops. NASA –supported reports read: “NASA relative study supports the unified hypotheses which terrestrial form-biology can live in and contribute to the phantom signature clouds of Venus.

NASA proposes call for an incorporated biochemical, microbiological and chemical research focusing on the endurance and spectroscopy of these terrestrial microorganisms located underneath Venus’ cloud conditions.” Further assessment of Venus is required, this according to experts, while the group behind the study has asked for samples to be brought back to earth.

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