5 reasons to work with SIG Switzerland when you start your own business

Most foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in opening a company in Switzerland or simply get involved in certain business endeavors in this European country should be aware of the fact the Swiss legislation, although similar to the business regulations of European Union member states, does present several particularities. Some of the most important ones are regarding the requirements for Swiss residency and the taxation. In both cases, it’s important to note that, while Switzerland provides excellent business opportunities and a favorable tax system, foreign entrepreneurs and companies have access to the business environment under certain conditions.

This is the moment where a firm specialized in company formation and corporate services in Switzerland comes into play. SIG Switzerland is a reputable firm with plenty of experience in incorporating in Switzerland, accounting and corporate services for entrepreneurs, SMEs, corporations and multinationals. If you are wondering what SIG Switzerland can do for your business, here are just a few important key services:

  1. Company formation in Switzerland

Choosing the most suitable business structure for a Swiss company is one of the most important aspects when it comes to the company’s business purpose, the type of activities conducted in Switzerland and/or abroad and taxation. Certain business structures can benefit from a more favorable tax regime, such as Swiss holdings, mixed companies or management companies. In addition, there are business structures specific to Switzerland, such as Vereins, that can be used for certain purposes and benefit from significant tax advantages. The SIG Switzerland experts can help you opt for the most suitable business structure depending on the nature of your business activities.

  1. Accounting and audits

Each type of company must maintain accounting records and, financial statements and financial reports. In addition, depending on certain factors, some companies are required to be audited, annual audits being conducted by certified and independent auditors. Companies can outsource their accounting to a specialized firm, such as SIG Switzerland and can also benefit from audits conducted by certified and experienced auditors, in compliance with the Swiss legislation.

  1. Tax planning

Especially for companies that conducts business operations not only in Switzerland, but also in other jurisdictions, it’s important to have a solid tax planning strategy. Due to the fact that Switzerland has concluded double taxation avoidance treaties with countries from all over the world, it’s important to be aware and take advantage of the provisions of these treaties to avoid double taxation and to significantly reduce the company’s tax burden. This is why SIG Switzerland is offering a wide range of tax planning services to clients from various industry sectors.

  1. Corporate administration

Swiss-based companies are required to have a registered office in Switzerland and local representatives to act as contact points for authorities, business clients and partners. For many companies, renting or buying office spaces in Switzerland and relocating personnel can be a quit difficult process. Nevertheless, they have the option to rely on the high quality corporate administration services provided by SIG Switzerland, which include maintaining of company records, secretaries and directors, if necessary. In addition, a modern business center, with all the necessary facilities is available for renting shared or private office spaces or for setting up a virtual office in Switzerland.

  1. Swiss work permits

People who want to work in Switzerland must obtain a work and residence permit. However, the permits are issued based on a quota system, which means that all those who apply for a Swiss work permit must fulfill certain conditions, which can vary from one canton to another. Thus, even having an employment contract doesn’t guarantee the possibility to obtain a work permit in a short period of time. Especially non-EU citizens must undergo certain procedures in order to be able to obtain a work permit, a matter in which SIG Switzerland can offer the necessary support.

Considering all these aspects, it’s easy to see the advantages of working with a specialized firm that handles all the legal aspects, documents and approvals required to start a business in Switzerland or to expand a company’s activity on this attractive market.