NASA in search of another Earth with the help of TESS

NASA is all set to find out another planet equivalent to Earth with the help of TESS. It is a new spacecraft whose responsibility is to find out new planets. It is very much expected by the scientists that TESS would be successful in bringing a new revolution in space astronomy and would help in many ways of finding out new life beyond our own universe. For many years we were pretty unaware of any such planets which were beyond our solar system. But that unknown fact was broken during the 1990s when the first signs of such exoplanet were discovered.

Knowledge of details

For many years it was the responsibility of Kepler Space Telescope to discover these types of alien planets, but unfortunately, this project could not sustain for a longer duration. At this juncture fortunately for NASA agency, that TESS came into the picture. According to the sources, TESS is going to be rightful successor of Kepler Space Telescope.

TESS is all ready to be launched on Monday. This launching will be done with the help of a Space X Falcon 9 rocket. It is one of the most important missions that Elon Musk has partnered with NASA. Space X is also very popular for using the Cargo ships for the purpose of re-supplying the International Space Station.

TESS has been designed to look after 2,00,000 stars that are near to our solar system. It will be using the same technology that Kepler used, and it was successful to find out 2600 exoplanets. The four cameras which are widely held will be used by TESS to spot on any such bright stars that are found to be present and revolving around an orbiting planet.

According to Sara Seager, TESS will provide data which will be equivalent to the phone book that we use today. It will churn up various data relating to the best planets that are around our solar system. It will also deal with the atmospheric conditions of such planets. Seager is one of the main contributors to the mission of searching for life in and around different stars.

NASA has confirmed of the fact that once TESS is successful in finding these useful planets, then another high version space telescope will be launched in 2020. It will be named as James Webb Space Telescope. It will be responsible for searching for signs of potential life in these planets that are being discovered by TESS.