Moon Rover Project Canceled by NASA

The moon rover mission is termed and designated as the Resource Prospector (RP) mission. It was supposed to be conducted by NASA but has been canceled at the last minute. The purpose included taking observation of the moon’s pole in the search for hydrogen, water, and oxygen.

These are to be used by future astronauts and for a decade it was under development. However, a robotic mission of NASA will include putting specific parts of RP on the moon’s surface. Still, some arguments were made stating that this robotic mission will not help scientists and astronauts get a closer look at the moon’s surface and its soil.

The administrator of LEAG (Lunar Exploration Analysis Group) has given an open letter to NASA. In this open letter, it was stated that according to American president Donald Trump’s Space Policy Directive 1 which invoked NASA to launch a spacecraft on the Lunar soil, NASA’s robotic mission is considered to be incredulous.

It is evident that the moon rover mission by NASA was not a serious one. If it wasn’t canceled, then the mission was to be designed within the year 2019 and launched in the year 2020. But starting a moon rover mission now would mean a set back of an already perfectly pre-planned moon rover program.

The letter by the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group made recommendations such as the mission to return to the management which was within NASA. It also recommended the mission to launch in the year 2022. However, it was not really possible to launch in the year specified by Lunar Exploration Analysis Group’s letter as it was difficult to demonstrate to the Congress the reaction of NASA to the new state policy of the president. The letter also recommended that this mission was the one and only moon rover project being developed under any nation as the static landers planned all the other international missions.

The mining companies will be provided with data for producing fuel for space rockets as a result of the increase of the commercial space sector. Importance of sending spacecraft to the surface of the moon has many advantages. It can improve space exploration. The moon can be the passing point of the spacecraft and also allowing the spacecraft to fuel up. It can also help in supplying them with water and other important resources. The landing on the moon is pretty simple as it doesn’t have any atmosphere.


NASA’s moon rover mission canceled