Oumuamua is an Alien Spacecraft or not… Scientists are investigating

One cigar-shaped interstellar is seen in the solar system which is suspected to be an alien spacecraft by the scientists. The astronomers of Western Australia are using Murchison Widefield Array telescope to spy on that interstellar. But they got no extraterrestrial signals from that astral body in their study.

As per the site space.com, a strange red dot was first found by the Pan-STARRS1 telescope last year October in Hawaii. It was named as Oumuamua in Hawaiian language which means a messenger from far away coming first. The associate administrator, Mr. Thomas Zurbuchen of the Science Mission Directorate of NASA said that as the name Oumuamua said it is originated in another star system and came in our solar system.

The unusual shape of Oumuamua and also the odd orbital features make the scientists think like whether Oumuamua is an astral spacecraft or not; so the researchers are studying the data related to the signals from Oumuamua if any proof of foreign life is there.

To examine that, scientists in Murchison region of Western Australia, where there is no human movement and radio intervention; tracking Oumuamua by the telescope with peer observation. They are working there from last November.

The astronomers verified that the transmissions are coming from about 400 meters and that is quite like human technologies, so the possibility of alien life was thought.
As more evidence was not found so the researchers came to a conclusion that Oumuamua is not an alien spacecraft, rather there is a more chance of it to be a part of any comet; for any collision, comet fragmented into many parts and a part of it accidentally came in our solar system.

Though no such transmission found which can give us the evidence of having alien life, but the study was very important for searching any extraterrestrial activities in future. The deputy director of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research or ICRAR, Steven Tingay said that if there is an alien life in the galaxy, then they would be that much efficient that they can make a spacecraft that can move in space and use radio waves for the communication.

There are many more installers in the space which came in our solar system.

Source: https://newsspaceflight.com/is-oumuamua-an-alien-craft/