Excited to see the Green Moon on April 20th? Well, you might not

Many of you might have heard the news circulation of the Green Moon to be visible to the public on 20th April. The message circulating on social media also describes the phenomenon to take place for the very first time that too in 420 years.

Yes, Interesting and alluring?

Well, your excitement might just be crushed as Earthsky.org has rubbished the viral news stating it to be a hoax. The Earthsky.org stated that the news is not new as the news started making rounds since 2016.

As per the posts circulated across all social media platforms, the Green Moon will appear on 4/20, the first in 420 years. The number 420 described, matches in dates and no of years making it a code similar to that used by marijuana users. Yes, the number 420 is a secret code among the Marijuana/weed users.

The hoax can be said to be with regards to April 20 being celebrated as National Weed Day.

Space.com agrees to this and says Green Moon will not happen, not at least today and near future.

Seeing the Green Moon message and image, people tend to circulate it as that’s something new and they tend to share the news so that people can know and witness the sight. Going by such hoax news, many people have been lured into sharing the news and hence the Green Moon on 4/20 has become a viral feed across the world.

There is anticipation among people to see something new occurring in the Galaxy so the hula hoop.

The theory doing rounds by Space.com says that someone might have come up with Green Moon idea on 20th April and the first time in 420 years with reference to National Weed day as it’s celebrated on the very same day. Also backing the fact, that Green is a predominant color of Marijuana , so the image of Green moon and not any other color.

Thus, to make a reference to celebrating the National Weed Day, some of the marijuana and weed users might have come up with the fascinating concept of Green Moon.

Therefore, certainly, Green Moon is not happening and is just another hoax and a modern day fairytale.

Disheartened? Well, don’t be.

Also, if you see a message in your social media groups don’t fall for it and inform others about the same.