5 Ways to Improve the Content of Your Blog

If you are not already blogging, the chances are you are thinking about it.  With so many people using blogs as a way of enticing more leads to their websites and social media, the blogs that you use have to be of superb quality and full of great content.  Get it wrong and your blogs will detract rather than attract viewers.

If you are struggling, knowing that your blogs are not quite up to scratch, here are our 5 tips on ways you can improve the content.  Take note of these and guarantee the creation of high quality posts that make an impact.

  1. Include images – if you don’t think including images is important, then here are a few stats that will make you change your viewpoint in a big way; 63% of social media posts contain images. Think of it this way, 2/3 of the blogs and other content that you see online in social media include a visual image.  Half of people on the internet post images with 54% of them posting an image that they have created.  Images are vitally important; a picture paints a thousand words and if you are not including them in your blogs, you are missing out in a big way. 80% of internet users rate images as being very important when optimising their social media blogs and other online marketing.  A picture can attract attention before words are even read, so don’t miss out.
  1. Improve your grammar – the grammar within your blogs needs to be first rate or readers may see you as being unprofessional. But don’t panic as you can do something about this.  If you don’t want to read books on grammar, try sites like Grammarly which will identify your errors for you.  Always take the time to correct mistakes and never post a blog that has not been thoroughly edited and proofread.  There are also plenty of online tests you can take to swot up on your grammar; if your score is low, work on it.
  1. SEO – it makes no difference whether your blogs are going to be used for B2B or B2C marketing, SEO provides you with a powerful way of boosting search engine rankings.  Think of SEO as a long-term approach to creating and maintaining a constant flow of traffic to your web or social media site.  But it has to be done right as using old strategies may not work now and they may even result in you being penalised.  Google are continually changing their algorithms so it is imperative that you make use of the right ones in order to build a powerful presence online.  If SEO is something you are not knowledgeable about, hire the services of an expert to assist you; this way you will attract plenty of new viewers who can become long-term customers. You can find more information on how to build healthy links to your website in the article 22 Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Website for Free in 2018 that we found on TrafficBox.org.
  1. Consider hiring writing services – many think that writing and creating blog content is easy but nothing could be further from the truth.  Good writing is hard but is well worth the effort as it leads to improved lead production, powerful copy and heightened online visibility.  If writing is not your thing, don’t take the chance of posting a blog that is less than perfect and hire the services of a professional writer.  By investing in the services of a freelancer, your customers will view you in the right way seeing only pristine copy.  Why waste hours trying to write a one page blog, along with time spent editing and proofreading when an expert could do it for you in far less time; you will then be free to use your spare hours for other valuable things such as focusing on your business and building profits.
  1. Include video – we have covered images but don’t forget videos as they provide a very direct and advantageous way of boosting your blog content.  Research shows that blogs with videos generate far more views and by including a video, your blogs become far more engaging and powerful; you can even change the videos from time to time to keep the post fresh.

So there you go – our 5 tips on ways you can improve the content of your blog.  Take note of them and make your blogs work harder and smarter.