The Luxurious Space Hotel ‘Aurora Station’

Have you ever dreamed of going to spend your holidays in space? It can be the reality if you are ready to pay a few million dollars for it.

The dream luxury hotel the ‘Aurora Station’ will be ready for accommodation for the space travelers by 2022. Space technical set up ‘Orion Span’ situated in Houston is going to launch the first ever luxurious hotel in space. It is going to be launched in earth’s orbit in 2021.

The ‘Aurora Station’ will provide a 12 day trip in space costs $9.5 million each i.e. $791,666 for a night. Previously a trip to the International Space Station (ISS), was about 20 to 40 million dollars for a private citizen. The company’s founder and CEO Frank Bunger said that they are going to provide less expensive space tour as the launch price reduced and their motto is to provide this unique opportunity to all to experience the life of an astronaut. The probable client of the ‘Aurora Station’ has to make a deposit of $80,000 which is refundable.

The hotel is going to launch on the lower orbit of the earth like 200 miles from the earth’s surface. Its size is, 43.5 feet in length, 14 feet in width and the volume of 5,650 cubic feet pressure which is quite smaller than the International Space Station. The Aurora will be a fully modular one and can accommodate six persons, two crew members who are mostly the ex-astronauts and the four guest persons. The hotel is constructed by the engineers who have worked in ISS and the Orion Span has made its software.

In the ‘Aurora Station’, the travelers can move here freely in microgravity and experience 384 sunrises and sunsets in the entire tour, i.e. 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets per day through many windows and the ‘holodeck’ of Aurora, as it will move in a tremendously high speed. The travelers can get the chance to take part in experiments like growing plants and they can bring the plant back to their home as souvenirs and they can also live steam to home through the high-speed wireless internet at Aurora.

In past, the space travelers had to take preparation from a year before, but in case of Aurora, it reduced to three months. In the Orion Span Astronaut Certification course or OSAC, both online and personal offline training at Houston, about all the activities of the entire trip is given to the traveler and the final certificate is given abroad at the Aurora Station.

After the accomplishment of the space tour, returning back the travelers will get a huge applause and treated as a hero, said the company.