Phase 1 & 2 of NIAC – Shapeshifting Robots from NASA

A wild space tech idea caught the attention of NASA. The space tech idea called Shapeshifter is among the early-stage technology proposals included in Phase 1 of NIAC. NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts include wild but promising space tech ideas.

Shapeshifter is shapeshifting robots, one of the ideas presented in NIAC. Among those ideas presented include a meteoroid impact detection technology and space telescope swarms. The proposals presented is said to have around $125,000 worth of value.

Investigators will have to work on the definition of the ideas and analyze them within nine months. After the process, the teams participating in NIAC can begin the application for Phase 2. A Phase 2 award will provide the team with two years of study worth up to $500,000.

Visionary Ideas that Can Potentially Change the Future

The 2018 NIAC Phase2 proposals include 9 wild space tech ideas. The NIAC proposals are still in early stage. It will be years, maybe even decades, before it becomes an actual mission flight. This is if NASA maintained an interest in them.

While the realization of these concepts is still unlikely, the collection of concepts acts like a library for NASA. This will provide the organization with a place to draw concepts for a mission development. Shapeshifter is one of the many space tech ideas that caught the interest of the agency.