From Festival to Home in One Step

From Festival to Home in One Step

Data from the Motion Picture Association of America shows that over the past five years box office volumes have been growing only 1.5% a year. Meanwhile, 60-70% of revenues come from international rentals.  One of the main reasons for this trend is vastly developing Internet technology that allows viewers to access video content in several convenient formats.  Online movie theaters and streaming services can take from the market share of traditional cinemas and become one of the most popular channels for obtaining legal video content.

Most users, however, are not satisfied with the fact that it often takes several months for movies to be made available on online services after they premiere. Distributors want to maximize their earnings from the box office, but end up opening opportunities for pirates who strive to be ahead of the game.

The MoviesChain by TVzavr platform will help filmmakers shorten the journey of their films from the big screen to personal video screens. The platform has been developed by experts from TVzavr – one of Russia’s biggest online movie theaters. This year there are plans to start preparing independent films for paid online distribution immediately after they premiere at festivals.  MoviesChain by TVzavr is based on blockchain technology, which makes transactions completely transparent.  Filmmakers will receive money from viewers in real time.

The new platform reduces the role of intermediaries and saves a significant part of small film project budgets that used to be required for distribution.

TVzavr Content Director Elena Khlebnikova thinks that the future will see art house films and blockbusters be available both in online and traditional movie theaters at the same time. It’s better for filmmakers to earn money from views in online theaters than to not get anything at all as a result of piracy.  Alternative, decentralized distribution methods like MoviesChain by TVzavr will make this all possible.